Grilling Season

It’s that wonderful time of the year ~ Grilling season

Whether you like gas or charcoal, here are just some tips on the best grills out there. Remember, when it come to grills, any grill can be a smoker and size does mater.  I recommend if you choose gas, have at least three burners.

Weber, once again, owns more spots on our Top 10 Gas Grill ListsWeber Gas Grill than any other manufacturer, but competitors are turning up the heat.  We love Webers because they are built so well, come with great warranties, and Weber is renowned for its tech support and huge inventory of parts going back many years.

Coming back from our 2015 list for another round against the champion are US manufacturing giant Char-Broil and Canadian grill makers Onward Manufacturing and Napoleon. Though all Char-
Broils are now made in China, their heritage goes back to 1853 and The Columbus Iron Works in Columbus, GA. Onward Manufacturing owns Huntington, Broil-Mate, and Broil King which occupy our first Char-broil Charcoal Grillthree low cost picks. Though they make many great mid to premium priced gas cookers that compete well with Weber, it’s hard to beat their entry level lines in the low cost market. And Napoleon, offers a quality selection of both charcoal and gas grills and smokers.

Many feature smoke boxes, and gas grills, with a little practice, can produce lovely smoked meals, but their extensive ventilation means they use a bit more wood than charcoal grills or smokers.  Be advised, cheap manufacturers often include “bells and whistles” like cut-rate sear burners, side burners, and rotisseries to entice you to buy their flimsy, low quality junk.  Many times the grills are built with low grade stainless steel held together with crumby fasteners that will rust and break apart after a couple seasons.

Please remember, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  Feel free to send me an e-mail to

Happy grilling everyone!
And let us “Put A Little Latin Love in Your Kitchen.”  God Bless.

Dyeing the Perfect Easter Egg

Hello my fellow Easter egg artist,
I have to say I love dying egg with the kids; it’s one of those simple things that can really be a fun family event.  Here are a few tips for dying your eggs.
Paas Egg HeadsNow the most important part of this whole thing is the boiling of the eggs.  There is nothing worse than having all that fun and then be sabotaged by under cooked eggs…what a bummer!  So for the perfect hard boiled egg, every time, just watch my video on the “perfect hard boiled eggs.”

  • Everyone should wash their hands in hot, soapy water, before and after handling eggs(even if they’ve already been cooked or decorated)! This protects everyone from any bacteria on the egg, and protects the eggshell from any oils on your hands that may make the dye not adhere properly. Make sure an adult supervises all projects to ensure common sense food safety precautions are observed.
  • Kids don’t have to be highly creative to create an eggceptional egg. Help kids use their imagination to create cool looking eggs by gluing on fun materials found at craft stores, like fake gems, sequins, trims and ribbons. They can also use paint, including gold or silver metallic paints, to make their eggs “eggstra” special!
  • To create an egg with a face, create a light flesh color by dipping your egg in a dye that’s made of a little bit of red and yellow coloring; for a darker flesh color, use a little red, yellow, and green. Then let kids “eggspress” themselves – with a smile or other design they paint on (or use the method below to create a “Pysanky” face). PAAS® Egg Heads™ and stencil kits are a fun and easy option to create egg faces.Pysanky Egg
  • To make eggs with several different colors(sometimes called a “Pysanky,” or Ukranian egg), have kids draw on their egg with the clear wax crayon” found in many decorating kits. Each time they use the crayon, they protect that color from the dye. For example, keep an area white by drawing on the egg before they dip your egg in any color. Then dip the egg in the lighter colored dye first and then move to darker colored dyes. Just be sure to let the first dye color dry before dipping it into next color “bath.” Cover up more areas to keep the color, and peel the wax off of other areas to add color. When they’ve finished dying your “Pysanky,” peel off all the wax layers to reveal an interesting multi-color design. Polish the egg by rubbing in any remaining wax (heat egg slightly in hot water).

Happy Easter to you all and God Bless.

Quality Cutlery

Hello everyone, Easter is right around the corner.  Here are some tips to make that holiday meal extra special.  After all the kids have gone through their Easter baskets and found all of their Easter eggs, it’s time for the best part of the day:  Easter Dinner.Wüsthof

Whatever your traditional meal is for Easter, you will be spending time in the kitchen.  Regarding your cutlery, always remember these simple tips:
Keep your knives sharp! A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. As a trained chef I am very particular about the knives I use. Professional knives can be very expensive, but with care and tender love, a lower quality knife can be just as effective. If you want to purchase a high end knife, my preference would be Wüsthof knives. It’s an excellent quality of knife and they go from moderately priced to super expensive.  Wüsthof is a German company that has been in business since 1814. For over 200 years they have continued to make quality knives using great craftsmanship. Knives are all about the balance. Balance is how it levels off when you lay the flat side on your finger, in the middle of the knife between the handle and the blade. Wüsthof knives have fantastic balance.

If they are a little expensive for your taste the next best would be another German manufacturer, JA Henckel. JA Henkel knives have been around since 1731.  JA Henkel makes quality knives at JA Henckelsaffordable prices. JA Henkle knives have great balance as well.  No matter what knife you have, always remember to keep them sharpened. Tender loving care can make any knife effective. Never put them in the dishwasher; always wash them by hand and dry by hand. Taking care of your knives will make them last longer and stay sharper. And remember for that wonderful holiday meal you might just want to have a little “Latin Love” in your pantry to give your meal a little Latin “kick”.  Happy Easter everybody and God bless you all.