About Chef Moya

Chef Hector Moya
Chef Hector Moya in the Kitchen

Chef Hector A. Moya has loved cooking since he was 7 years old. As the only son born to Cuban immigrants, Chef Moya learned about the importance of family and the unity “food” can bring to people. Chef Moya was raised in Union City, New Jersey and knew early on that “food was his life“.

This idea was reinforced through the countless meals he made side by side with his father, Julio, who taught him the traditional foods of Cuba. As a teenager, Chef Moya attended Hudson County Vocational School, where his Baking Instructor saw the talent in him and encouraged him to contend for a scholarship to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

After obtaining a Culinary Degree at Johnson and Wales, Chef Moya went on to work for a variety of restaurant establishments. Chef Moya identifies his most challenging and educational position as The Executive Sous Chef at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location of Smith & Wollensky Steak House. During his tenure with Smith & Wollensky, which is the only national steakhouse to dry-age and butcher on site, Chef Moya refined his skills of butchery and dry aging meats.

Chef Moya currently is a chef in Woodbridge, Virginia. Chef Moya is following his dream of developing his own brand and helping to teach people how to cook well and enjoy it. In the future Chef Moya would like to open his own restaurant and share his personal food and recipes with the world.