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Fresh herbs you should always have in your pantry

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Cooking begins with understanding flavors.  You want flavors that are enhanced by fresh herbs; they induce “intoxication” or stimulation to the mind and senses.

When you walk by an herb garden and smell the aroma of lavender, juniper, sage, and mint your senses come alive and you feel peaceful, happy and even energized.  Imagine taking those same fresh smells and using them to enhance your taste sensations.  Cooking with fresh herbs will change your palette and give you the flavors you have longed for.

Seasons add Sensations
Well seasoned Tomahawk Pork chop

One of my favorite herbs is cilantro.  Cilantro has an earthy and bright flavor.  When you eat fresh guacamole your senses identify it immediately.  To properly store and preserve cilantro, I recommend a glass jar allowing the roots to be covered in water.  Put the glass jar in an air tight Ziploc bag and store in your refrigerator.  This will keep it fresh.

Two more favorite and essential herbs are rosemary and thyme.  Rosemary has an aroma that is also earthy and will remind you of a warm summer day.  Rosemary should be stored the same way as cilantro.  Thyme, however, has a citrus smell and flavor, yet it also has a clean earthiness.  Thyme is stored between two moist pieces of paper towels in the refrigerator.

If you really want to enjoy the aroma of fresh herbs and have them available for daily meal preparation, I suggest an herb garden.  Outside gardens are optimal, but are not the only options.  You can use a compact window sill herb garden allowing you to enjoy the visual, aromatic and tasting sensations.  Come back for more of my flavor sensations!
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